Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Linking up again with Nicole and this weeks prompt....

Spring is........

Spring is refreshing and renewing. I feel like more than New Years, spring for me is when I want to make resolutions. I want to work on a fresh start or new look. Its the time of year where I really reevaluate life and figure out how to "update." Is that too much of a cliche? I hope not.

I live in MT so normally, we are coming out of a pretty freezing winter. One where people spend 99% of their time locked indoors or crazy bundled up. Yes, we build snowmen, sled, ski, etc.... but winters are usually pretty harsh. So when spring hits and windows are thrown up, its as though life is taking a deep breath! I feel like I can break free of life's stresses. I can run wild, be spontaneous, get rid of the old and search for the new. Spring is new life! 

Maybe its because of all the flowers blooming, babies being born, or just the warm air; but spring is my 5hr energy drink. No, I think its because of the change in season, the in between of winter and summer. Its the time of year where you have endless possibilities. The harsh cold of winter is thawing but I haven't quite made it to the scorching heat of summer. There is so much possibility in the short months of spring that anything can happen. I can go or do anything. I love fall for the same reasons, the changing of life around me. The adjusting of the world I live in everyday is beautiful. I am a sucker for change of any kind and being on the cusp of so much change is like a drug. 

Spring is breaking out side walk chalk and bubbles. Its reliving my childhood through the building of memories with our girls. Its adventure and exploring. Spring is warm days filled with sunshine and laughter and cool nights of cuddles. Its the perfect balance. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pictures of life lately

Random Picture post....
From Hubbins bday
Crazy day at school 
Playing school
Jozy and Amelia at the park
Meeting Great Grandma for the first time!
Playing at Great Grandma's with toys from my childhood. 

Two Months

Yesterday was two months for baby Button! Time is truly flying by and I am not liking it. This was a big busy month for our girl.

Height: 21 3/4 ins
Weight: 7lbs 9ozs
Hair/Eyes:She still has gray eyes and her hair is getting redder!
Sleep: She is sleeping for about 5hrs a night and takes one solid 3hr nap during the day!
Food: She was exclusively breastfeeding but with the lack of weight gain we may supplement a couple oz of formula.
Favorites: She loves tummy time, snuggles, talking to her sister, and her swing
Dislikes: She is not a fan of her car seat! She pretty much hates that. She also doesn't seem to like large crowds.
Milestones: She smiled for the first time 3/9. She rode the carousel on 3/1 and went on her first road trip 3/20. She also got to meet her Great-Grandparents over the weekend. It was love at first sight! And celebrated her first St. Paddy's day! She also got to enjoy some outside time since the weather has been so nice!

All in all this has been a big month for baby Button and filled with so many fun memories.

Dear Jozy

Dear Jozy,
I can't believe that you are already 4yrs old! I feel like just yesterday you were keeping us up all night, and now you are the big sister. This has been a big year for you. You became a big sister and rock at it. You are my little mama girl, and always helping with Button. Its so precious. You, my little Giraffe, have the sweetest soul. There is an endless amount of kindness in you and it is such a rare special gift. One that should be cherished always.

Not only are you kind to people but to all living creatures. The way you care for animals is simply amazing. I believe that one day you will work with animals. Perhaps a vet or a marine biologist. You are so gentle and have no fear when it comes to animals. Even the meanest animals give you no pause. You simply want to help them or love them. You are also brave and fearless. You run into everything with your heart first and use your head later. I love that about you, the lack of fear. Its an admirable trait to jump into things without pause.

Ive loved all the one on one time with you this last year. It has been so much fun to watch how much you've grown. Your personality is really starting to shine and I love the front row seat. You are so full of joy and laugh. There is never a dull moment with you and each second is filled with laughter. Even though you can be exhausting (in the best of ways), I have loved our days filled with adventures. You make even the most mundane tasks an adventure. You have brought so much light into all our lives.

I can;t wait to see what four holds for you and what new discoveries await! I look forward to more snuggles and adventures.

I love you so very much, Jozy Giraffe!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

St. Patty day/Birthday fun

Since it's also Jozy's birthday, we let Bug skip school so that we could do our family day. Jozy chose the children's museum, lunch and Applebee's (so they could sing to her, of course!) and then her parade (aka the st Patty parade). Here are some pictures of our fun filled day! 

And now for our little leprechan's outfits......

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lucky Charms

Over the weekend, we celebrated this beautiful girl and her awesome Yaya! It was the cutest thing watching her share the spot light with Yaya and the joy she had. Since we threw Jozy's party on my mom's birthday, we opted to do some fun things for her too. (My brother, our family and me also took her out to a nice grown up birthday dinner.) Anyway here are some party detail and pictures. I kept it pretty simple but think it turned out great!
The food was easy. Jozy has had her heart set on a Lucky Charm cereal party for months. So we kept to that theme with rainbow fruit bags, a cereal snack bar and a cheese/meat tray. I also made some Leprechan punch. The cupcakes and cake were store bought and I just added some marshmellows to the cupcakes. Super easy and yet so cute!!!!!
For favors, we filled little pots of gold with lucky charm marshmellows and each kid got a Leprechan hat too! We also made a fun color/activity table for the kids. I also had rainbow rice buckets for the kids to hunt for gold in. Those were a HUGE hit and the kids used there mini pots to hold the coins. 
The birthday girl with Papa and her party twin, Yaya!
My favorite part of the party was watching these two!!!! They were priceless and now Jozy always wants to share her party with Yaya!!!! 
Some party fun!
We also did pin the shamrock on the hat. The kids had so much fun and Uncle critter too. We also convinced Yaya to join in! 
All in all the party was a blast and I loved getting to celebrate two of my favorite people ever!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Random advice

I feel like there's a constant flow of advice that heads your way once you become a parent. Most of it unsolicited and doesn't actually work. For instance "sleep when the baby sleeps." Has this worked for anyone? It certainly doesn't apply to me. I have three kids and I babysit my nephews and niece. Sleeping with Button is next to impossible. This is just one example of many, that just doesn't seem to work. So for my random piece of advice, I am using something that seems to. 

Embrace the moments, good or bad. This time is short lived and once gone greatly missed. 

If you are a parent, then you know how true that statement is. The newborn, cuddle with me all day, stage is so short. Soon they are rolling around, crawling, walking, and basically lose interest in constant snuggles. So embrace all the time with your baby. 

Be grateful for all night snuggle sessions and remember soon enough you'll be up all night worrying about where they are. Take time to soak in all the baby goodness. Pause all the busy rushing around, and just take the time to snuggle your baby, breath in their sweet scent. Stop and etch their tiny little features into memory. Before too long, they are no longer tiny. One day you'll blink and your brand new sweetheart is a kindergartner. 

So yes it sounds crazy, but embrace it all. Because even the over exhausted, can't remember your own name, moments will be missed. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2 weeks and 5 days

Today Button has officially been home longer than she was in the nicu. It's amazing that the last 2 weeks and 5 days seemed to fly by at warp speed but the same time frame in the NICU seemed slug slow.

I'm grateful every moment of everyday. I love the 2am, 4am and sometime all night nursings. I love holding her whenever I want and not having to put her down. I love watching the girls with her and seeing their bonds grow! It's amazing how much more I embrace all the good, bad and ugly of having a newborn. Or maybe it's just that I'm more aware of how very precious this time is! 

On the flip side, I worry more. Each squeak or rasp sends me into a panic. I find myself checking to see if she's breathing every few moments when she is asleep. If she sounds stuffy or won't settle down, my mommy heart speeds up. I don't know if these fears of her regressing will ever go away. 

I also wonder if she would be a different sort of baby if she wasn't in the NICU. For instance she loves tummy time. So is it a trait for being in the NICU and being laid on her tummy, or is she just a naturally a belly kid. Or she is so chill and just likes to watch everything. Is it from the time laying in her crib for hours or......  I try not to ponder all of that much. I can change the past, and truthfully I love her for her. Wether or not the traits came from being a NICU baby, they are a part of her completely. And I love her. 

I'll never forget the day we brought her home (or any of those 2 weeks and 5 days). But the moment we were all five together finally is etched in my heart. I remember feeling like the last part of the lock finally fell into the place and we opened up this amazing love. Our family is whole and it's wonderfully perfect!!!!!