Dear Jozy

Dear Jozy,
I can't believe that you are already 4yrs old! I feel like just yesterday you were keeping us up all night, and now you are the big sister. This has been a big year for you. You became a big sister and rock at it. You are my little mama girl, and always helping with Button. Its so precious. You, my little Giraffe, have the sweetest soul. There is an endless amount of kindness in you and it is such a rare special gift. One that should be cherished always.

Not only are you kind to people but to all living creatures. The way you care for animals is simply amazing. I believe that one day you will work with animals. Perhaps a vet or a marine biologist. You are so gentle and have no fear when it comes to animals. Even the meanest animals give you no pause. You simply want to help them or love them. You are also brave and fearless. You run into everything with your heart first and use your head later. I love that about you, the lack of fear. Its an admirable trait to jump into things without pause.

Ive loved all the one on one time with you this last year. It has been so much fun to watch how much you've grown. Your personality is really starting to shine and I love the front row seat. You are so full of joy and laugh. There is never a dull moment with you and each second is filled with laughter. Even though you can be exhausting (in the best of ways), I have loved our days filled with adventures. You make even the most mundane tasks an adventure. You have brought so much light into all our lives.

I can;t wait to see what four holds for you and what new discoveries await! I look forward to more snuggles and adventures.

I love you so very much, Jozy Giraffe!



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