Lucky Charms

Over the weekend, we celebrated this beautiful girl and her awesome Yaya! It was the cutest thing watching her share the spot light with Yaya and the joy she had. Since we threw Jozy's party on my mom's birthday, we opted to do some fun things for her too. (My brother, our family and me also took her out to a nice grown up birthday dinner.) Anyway here are some party detail and pictures. I kept it pretty simple but think it turned out great!
The food was easy. Jozy has had her heart set on a Lucky Charm cereal party for months. So we kept to that theme with rainbow fruit bags, a cereal snack bar and a cheese/meat tray. I also made some Leprechan punch. The cupcakes and cake were store bought and I just added some marshmellows to the cupcakes. Super easy and yet so cute!!!!!
For favors, we filled little pots of gold with lucky charm marshmellows and each kid got a Leprechan hat too! We also made a fun color/activity table for the kids. I also had rainbow rice buckets for the kids to hunt for gold in. Those were a HUGE hit and the kids used there mini pots to hold the coins. 
The birthday girl with Papa and her party twin, Yaya!
My favorite part of the party was watching these two!!!! They were priceless and now Jozy always wants to share her party with Yaya!!!! 
Some party fun!
We also did pin the shamrock on the hat. The kids had so much fun and Uncle critter too. We also convinced Yaya to join in! 
All in all the party was a blast and I loved getting to celebrate two of my favorite people ever!!!


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