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Spring is........

Spring is refreshing and renewing. I feel like more than New Years, spring for me is when I want to make resolutions. I want to work on a fresh start or new look. Its the time of year where I really reevaluate life and figure out how to "update." Is that too much of a cliche? I hope not.

I live in MT so normally, we are coming out of a pretty freezing winter. One where people spend 99% of their time locked indoors or crazy bundled up. Yes, we build snowmen, sled, ski, etc.... but winters are usually pretty harsh. So when spring hits and windows are thrown up, its as though life is taking a deep breath! I feel like I can break free of life's stresses. I can run wild, be spontaneous, get rid of the old and search for the new. Spring is new life! 

Maybe its because of all the flowers blooming, babies being born, or just the warm air; but spring is my 5hr energy drink. No, I think its because of the change in season, the in between of winter and summer. Its the time of year where you have endless possibilities. The harsh cold of winter is thawing but I haven't quite made it to the scorching heat of summer. There is so much possibility in the short months of spring that anything can happen. I can go or do anything. I love fall for the same reasons, the changing of life around me. The adjusting of the world I live in everyday is beautiful. I am a sucker for change of any kind and being on the cusp of so much change is like a drug. 

Spring is breaking out side walk chalk and bubbles. Its reliving my childhood through the building of memories with our girls. Its adventure and exploring. Spring is warm days filled with sunshine and laughter and cool nights of cuddles. Its the perfect balance. 


  1. "So when spring hits and windows are thrown up, it's as though life is taking a deep breath!" ------ I LOVE THIS STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a powerful image of spring, and even though we're not in MT, the weather has been glorious in North Texas lately. Glorious enough to be outside and open the windows too. I wish it would stay like this but I know it's just a matter of time before the windows goes back up, the A/C cranks up, and I'm sweating like crazy!!!!!!

    1. Thank you. We are still adjusting between spring weather and snow. We won't get crazy heat till July thankfully.


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