Two Months

Yesterday was two months for baby Button! Time is truly flying by and I am not liking it. This was a big busy month for our girl.

Height: 21 3/4 ins
Weight: 7lbs 9ozs
Hair/Eyes:She still has gray eyes and her hair is getting redder!
Sleep: She is sleeping for about 5hrs a night and takes one solid 3hr nap during the day!
Food: She was exclusively breastfeeding but with the lack of weight gain we may supplement a couple oz of formula.
Favorites: She loves tummy time, snuggles, talking to her sister, and her swing
Dislikes: She is not a fan of her car seat! She pretty much hates that. She also doesn't seem to like large crowds.
Milestones: She smiled for the first time 3/9. She rode the carousel on 3/1 and went on her first road trip 3/20. She also got to meet her Great-Grandparents over the weekend. It was love at first sight! And celebrated her first St. Paddy's day! She also got to enjoy some outside time since the weather has been so nice!

All in all this has been a big month for baby Button and filled with so many fun memories.


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