What's in my diaper bag

I thought it would be fun to do a post about what I carry now. I am sure that as Button grows things will change and going into summer I am sure I'll add things for the big girls. However, for now this works great. 

Let's talk about my bag first. I use this Thirty one  bag and I'm in love! I knew as soon as we got pregnant that I wanted this bag and I don't regret it. For one, it has a ton of space and outside pockets. The lack of outside storage space was always a pet peeve with my other diaper bags. Plus, the bag will easily grow with Button well past the baby/toddler years. 
Here's an over view of what is in my bag. I'm still working on some organizing, but I'm loving the little bags inside the big ones. 

1) this is my sling. I use an Infantino sash mei tai carrier and love it. I did a lot of research and trying on carriers before deciding. Truthfully, I find the carrier more convenient than a stroller right now. Button hates her car seat and it's just as quick to put her in the carrier. Bonus: I get to have her close all the time and it's great for at home too. 
2) a swaddleder! I'm not picky on brand but it does need to be a soft material with great Velcro. I prefer to carry a swaddler over another blanket, because I use two blankets with the car seat. Button likes to be snuggled but not overly so, and the swaddlers are my best friend during nursing. 
3) I am a huge writer. It's how I unwind, remember things, and well everything. I always have a note book with me for blog ideas, budgets, notes, journals, etc.... I also carry my calander and a journal I am writing in for Button. 
4) Since babies can be messy (so far we have been lucky with Button), I like to have an extra outift. I also think it's smart to carry extra hats, gloves and socks. 
5) diapers and wipes, of course! I love the pretty stripped wipe container. Seriously, these little bags, that come in the huggies wipe box, are amazing. The orange and gold bag is actually a comsmetic bag, I was given at my baby shower with some nail polish. The bag fits 6 new born diapers and butt cream perfectly. Since the inside of the bag is so big, I was having a hard time keeping track of diapers. So I was super excited to get the cosmetic bag! It's so easy to reach in and grab the two containers now, when I need to change Button's diaper. Plus they are easy to throw into my purse for times I don't need/want to carry the big diaper bag. 
6)I saved the plastic box that two binkies came in. I put two of the ones Button actually likes in it and now have a clean, safe place for the extra binkies. 
7) This is my saftey, basic baby needs bag. Here's a picture of what's inside....
I bought the bag and most of what's in it at Target. It comes as an awesome set and I love having it all in one spot. I did add the bandaids, gas drops, lotion and baby powder. 
8) This is my bag of needs (and iPad, phone chargers) Here's a picture of what's inside......
It's fairly self explanatory, I think. Basically these are the items I use daily or used to keep in my purse. 
9) This bag holds snacks for the big girls and myself. I like to have a couple protein bars on hand. I try to eat small meals frequently through the day. Since I am breastfeeding, I've discovered this keeps me from munching too much or not eating. I also keep goldfish, Apple sauce pouches, etc.... for Jozy and Bug, in case we are out all day. I also have a water bottle with my at all times. Water is my primary liquid and I tend to drink more if I have a bottle with me. 

Below are a couple pictures of ever thing put in my diaper bag. As you can see, having things organized in their own bags makes finding them easier. Plus, I can just grab the bag(s) I need if I don't want to take the whole diaper bag. 

On the side I carry things I need readily accessible. I put my spare binkies, hats, gloves, water bottle and the hood to my carrier in the front pockets. The charges go into one of the mesh pockets on the side and I use the back two pockets for my phone and keys. 
What's in your bag? What are your baby diaper bag must haves? 


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