Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Button: Three months

I can't believe we are already a 4th of the way through her first year. The time has flown by and so much has happened. This was another busy month for Button. She had another hospital stay in the hospital and had her first cold. We also said goodbye to her Great-grandma and got to meet all sorts of extended family. We have been enjoying the nice weather and she loves sitting in the sun.
Height: 23in
Weight: 10lbs 3oz
Hair/Eyes: her hair is getting redder and her eyes are a more blueish gray now. 
Sleep: She now sleeps from 9pm to 5:30am!!! Yay for sleeping through the night finally (she started this week.)
Food: she is mostly on breastmilk but she does get formula as well. 
Favorites: She loves going on walks and looking around, the little bunny she got for Easter and her soft blanket from Yaya. She also loves to sit up and look around. 
Dislikes: she still hates her car seat and is no longer a tummy time fan 
Milestones: She is pushing up with her arms and holding her head a little higher. She has rolled from tummy to back a couple of times and we celebrated her first Easter. 
Since she is official 1/4 of a year old, I wanted to redo the pic of collage of her eyes, toes, etc.... I think I will do one every 3 months to see how she grows. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finish this.....

Linking up with Nicole

My most recent splurge purchase for myself was …
I don't know if I'd call it a splurge since I needed them. But the last thing I bought for my self was two pairs of Groucho Capri pants for summer. I got them on Zuiliy for around $12 each and I love them. They are super comfortable and I can dress them up or down. 
Oh and I spent $6 at Target dollar spot and got "laugh" & "believe" things to go on our wall. Does that count? I'm a standard mom and just don't buy for me often. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oh childhood, How I miss thee......

Linking up again with Nicole for some finish this fun and this week we are taking it WAY back. LOL

Things I miss about being a young child ..

I work really hard to keep the magic of childhood in our home and get to relive my favorite things about childhood with our girls. So there isn't anything specific item, activity or event that I miss. Because its WAY cooler to watch our girls relive our childhood favs. Like seriously, the girls are now obsessed with Inspector Gadget and the original Ninja turtles. They love drinking from the hose and endless hours of bubbles. We play outside until the street lights come on and do so much more. I am pretty sure I love watching childhood dreams come true for our girls more than I did living through them.

So honestly, I'm not sure I miss anyth.......scratch that I miss the simplicity. I miss not having to worry about anything more than running out of my favorite crayon color or not having a sharp pencil. I miss being able to spend days worry and stress free. 

That being said (and back to point), I do miss the simple times. I miss knowing that no matter what my parents wouldn't let the monsters get me. I didn't have to worry about bills or jobs. I just knew that I would always have a roof, food and all of life's essentials. There was no self doubt or over thinking in my childhood.

I also miss my brothers. I even miss being tormented by them (which is really bad, I know). But I miss seeing them everyday. I miss the games, the jokes, the fun and knowing they always had my back. As an adult, I am a slacker at keeping in touch. I think about my three brothers every day but often forget to call them to say "I love you." So yes, I miss endless hours of sibling bonding and fighting. 

I miss having my mom close by for a hug when life was really hard and watching Gilmore girls with her. Right now this moment, week, month, and year I miss that more than anything. I just really miss coming home after a awfully rotten day and getting a hug from my mom. Because after that hug everything was better. 

So after wring this I heard this song. "You're going to miss this" by Trace Adkins is one of my all time favorites and seemed so very fitting for this post. I try really hard to live in the moment and really soak up every stage of life. Especially now that I have kids. So I think that's why I don't miss much from my childhood. It was amazing at times don't get me wrong, but now I am in an even more amazing stage of life. I don't want to miss any of these moments now, so I don't bother thinking about what I miss from my past. 

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a blast and much needed after the last few weeks. It was so nice to spend some time with family and relax. Saturday we meant up with my sis-in-law and the kiddos for an Easter Egg hunt (Or Harvest if you ask Hubbins). The kiddos had so much fun and really made out. Then we went to my in laws for lunch a some fun, before heading to my brother and sis-in-laws for the night. Sunday we celebrated with an early egg hunt at my brother's, baskets, lots of yummy food, laughter and a rowdy card game of golf. It was the perfect weekend filled with love. 
Button &Me cheering on the bigs/Our little hunters
Hubbins & the girls with their goods/ Ready to go
All the little hunters
Our little bunnies
Playing with Daddy 
Medium and lil playing together/our little guard
Fashion model in training/Lil sis photo bombed big sis and yelled "TWO HEAD PIC" (we died with laughter)
Hanging with Baby Bunny 
Easter morning! Our little bunny was over all the fun.
Armed with bubble guns from Papa! I just love Jozy's mischievous face and catching Bug mid sneeze

Random moments from Easter

Papa rocked with the best gift! Bubble guns for all the bigs and bunnies for the two babies. As you can see the guns were a hit.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Saying Good-bye.....

I have put off writing this post because there aren't any words to describe the amazing woman my grandmother was, or to explain how deeply I miss her. I don't think you can every really define the grief of losing a loved one and one blog will never be able to sum up a life. So, I am not going to try to. I am simply going to write freely and with all the love I have for Grandma Freda.

Grandma Freda was the best grandma. She always had a treat, knew my favorite everything and each visit was filled with love and laughter! I have so many memories of days spent playing at Grandma and Grandpa's old house. My brothers and I would play hide and seek through the house, and jump through the stair window into the random basement room. I remember that Grandpa would get upset but Grandma would hush him. She always let us be kids and her house was filled with childhood adventure (including a wood pile  and rickety swing set). Days spent at her house are some of my fondest. 

As I got older, I would go visit my grandparents just to chat. I would sit with Grandma in the living room drinking tea and talking about life. She always had the best advice and knew exactly what would make everything all better. If all else failed a rowdy card game of golf would make everyone smile. Or she would tell me a story from her childhood. I always remember just laughing with her. I will miss her laugh more than anything. It was so full of life and joy.

Grandma wasn't perfect by any means but her sassy stubbornness never stopped. She was a strong minded woman and one of the few who really showed me how important it is to be one. She knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to work for.

But by far my very favorite moments with Grandma were watching her love on our girls. She loved her grandkids and great grandkids so very much. Her smile and pride glowed when she was around one of her great grandkids. And they loved her back. I am so very grateful that our older girls will have some memories with their great-grandparents and that I was able to introduce her to little Button. She had so much patience for all the silly toddler games and would laugh and laugh with the girls. Jozy was always memorized by Grandma's accent and it tickled her so very much.
My last memory of Grandma (the one I hold so tightly too anyway) is watching her fall in love with our littlest. She was so proud of her newest Great Grand baby and so happy to meet her. It was such a special time watching her love on and care for little Button, and listen to all the stories the girls told. It was rewarding to see the girls play with toys from my childhood and laugh so hard with their Great Grandma. 
You were such an amazing woman and no one could ever replace you. You influenced me so very much and taught me even more. I miss you every second of every day! I love you so very much and can't wait to see you again!