Button: Three months

I can't believe we are already a 4th of the way through her first year. The time has flown by and so much has happened. This was another busy month for Button. She had another hospital stay in the hospital and had her first cold. We also said goodbye to her Great-grandma and got to meet all sorts of extended family. We have been enjoying the nice weather and she loves sitting in the sun.
Height: 23in
Weight: 10lbs 3oz
Hair/Eyes: her hair is getting redder and her eyes are a more blueish gray now. 
Sleep: She now sleeps from 9pm to 5:30am!!! Yay for sleeping through the night finally (she started this week.)
Food: she is mostly on breastmilk but she does get formula as well. 
Favorites: She loves going on walks and looking around, the little bunny she got for Easter and her soft blanket from Yaya. She also loves to sit up and look around. 
Dislikes: she still hates her car seat and is no longer a tummy time fan 
Milestones: She is pushing up with her arms and holding her head a little higher. She has rolled from tummy to back a couple of times and we celebrated her first Easter. 
Since she is official 1/4 of a year old, I wanted to redo the pic of collage of her eyes, toes, etc.... I think I will do one every 3 months to see how she grows. 


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