Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a blast and much needed after the last few weeks. It was so nice to spend some time with family and relax. Saturday we meant up with my sis-in-law and the kiddos for an Easter Egg hunt (Or Harvest if you ask Hubbins). The kiddos had so much fun and really made out. Then we went to my in laws for lunch a some fun, before heading to my brother and sis-in-laws for the night. Sunday we celebrated with an early egg hunt at my brother's, baskets, lots of yummy food, laughter and a rowdy card game of golf. It was the perfect weekend filled with love. 
Button &Me cheering on the bigs/Our little hunters
Hubbins & the girls with their goods/ Ready to go
All the little hunters
Our little bunnies
Playing with Daddy 
Medium and lil playing together/our little guard
Fashion model in training/Lil sis photo bombed big sis and yelled "TWO HEAD PIC" (we died with laughter)
Hanging with Baby Bunny 
Easter morning! Our little bunny was over all the fun.
Armed with bubble guns from Papa! I just love Jozy's mischievous face and catching Bug mid sneeze

Random moments from Easter

Papa rocked with the best gift! Bubble guns for all the bigs and bunnies for the two babies. As you can see the guns were a hit.


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