Oh childhood, How I miss thee......

Linking up again with Nicole for some finish this fun and this week we are taking it WAY back. LOL

Things I miss about being a young child ..

I work really hard to keep the magic of childhood in our home and get to relive my favorite things about childhood with our girls. So there isn't anything specific item, activity or event that I miss. Because its WAY cooler to watch our girls relive our childhood favs. Like seriously, the girls are now obsessed with Inspector Gadget and the original Ninja turtles. They love drinking from the hose and endless hours of bubbles. We play outside until the street lights come on and do so much more. I am pretty sure I love watching childhood dreams come true for our girls more than I did living through them.

So honestly, I'm not sure I miss anyth.......scratch that I miss the simplicity. I miss not having to worry about anything more than running out of my favorite crayon color or not having a sharp pencil. I miss being able to spend days worry and stress free. 

That being said (and back to point), I do miss the simple times. I miss knowing that no matter what my parents wouldn't let the monsters get me. I didn't have to worry about bills or jobs. I just knew that I would always have a roof, food and all of life's essentials. There was no self doubt or over thinking in my childhood.

I also miss my brothers. I even miss being tormented by them (which is really bad, I know). But I miss seeing them everyday. I miss the games, the jokes, the fun and knowing they always had my back. As an adult, I am a slacker at keeping in touch. I think about my three brothers every day but often forget to call them to say "I love you." So yes, I miss endless hours of sibling bonding and fighting. 

I miss having my mom close by for a hug when life was really hard and watching Gilmore girls with her. Right now this moment, week, month, and year I miss that more than anything. I just really miss coming home after a awfully rotten day and getting a hug from my mom. Because after that hug everything was better. 

So after wring this I heard this song. "You're going to miss this" by Trace Adkins is one of my all time favorites and seemed so very fitting for this post. I try really hard to live in the moment and really soak up every stage of life. Especially now that I have kids. So I think that's why I don't miss much from my childhood. It was amazing at times don't get me wrong, but now I am in an even more amazing stage of life. I don't want to miss any of these moments now, so I don't bother thinking about what I miss from my past. 


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