Saying Good-bye.....

I have put off writing this post because there aren't any words to describe the amazing woman my grandmother was, or to explain how deeply I miss her. I don't think you can every really define the grief of losing a loved one and one blog will never be able to sum up a life. So, I am not going to try to. I am simply going to write freely and with all the love I have for Grandma Freda.

Grandma Freda was the best grandma. She always had a treat, knew my favorite everything and each visit was filled with love and laughter! I have so many memories of days spent playing at Grandma and Grandpa's old house. My brothers and I would play hide and seek through the house, and jump through the stair window into the random basement room. I remember that Grandpa would get upset but Grandma would hush him. She always let us be kids and her house was filled with childhood adventure (including a wood pile  and rickety swing set). Days spent at her house are some of my fondest. 

As I got older, I would go visit my grandparents just to chat. I would sit with Grandma in the living room drinking tea and talking about life. She always had the best advice and knew exactly what would make everything all better. If all else failed a rowdy card game of golf would make everyone smile. Or she would tell me a story from her childhood. I always remember just laughing with her. I will miss her laugh more than anything. It was so full of life and joy.

Grandma wasn't perfect by any means but her sassy stubbornness never stopped. She was a strong minded woman and one of the few who really showed me how important it is to be one. She knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to work for.

But by far my very favorite moments with Grandma were watching her love on our girls. She loved her grandkids and great grandkids so very much. Her smile and pride glowed when she was around one of her great grandkids. And they loved her back. I am so very grateful that our older girls will have some memories with their great-grandparents and that I was able to introduce her to little Button. She had so much patience for all the silly toddler games and would laugh and laugh with the girls. Jozy was always memorized by Grandma's accent and it tickled her so very much.
My last memory of Grandma (the one I hold so tightly too anyway) is watching her fall in love with our littlest. She was so proud of her newest Great Grand baby and so happy to meet her. It was such a special time watching her love on and care for little Button, and listen to all the stories the girls told. It was rewarding to see the girls play with toys from my childhood and laugh so hard with their Great Grandma. 
You were such an amazing woman and no one could ever replace you. You influenced me so very much and taught me even more. I miss you every second of every day! I love you so very much and can't wait to see you again!


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