Balancing Act

After a very busy morning and in the midst of trying to get Jozy all set for preschool, our very starving soon to be preschool had a melt down in the car. Actually that's not correct, she quietly began to cry because we couldn't play at the McDonald's play area. I realized that with everything going on the last few months, Hubbins and I haven't really made time to really find out how are big girls are handling it all. That we have spent so much time rushing from place to meeting to doctor appointments, that we forgot to fit in fun. We neglected to make sure our big kids where ok and happy. 

If you know me personally or if you have followed my instagram/blog, then you know that 2015 hasn't been my year. Our little Button has spent a third of her life in the hospital, I lost my Grandma, Hubbins Papa is in the hospital and we are still trying to adjust to life as a family of five. There has been so many big changes or events in such a short time that our girls are left strangling. Then you add in our crazy schedules and weekends filled to the max, you can imagine how our poor four year old just had enough. Heck, I feel like she is handling things better than me. So we decided their room (that a hurricane went through), could wait to be cleaned. That we NEEDED to fit in family time and make it a priority. More importantly that it was ok if other plates fell to the ground, but we need to keep their happiness plate spinning and balanced.

Being a parent is a constant balancing act and you are always feeling like a brand new clown at their first show. Things never go as planned and you can almost never keep all the balls in the air. You will make a ton of mistakes but what matters most is that you try again. That you ask for forgiveness and except the imperfection. And that you make sure your kids see you trying and they know how very much you love them. 

Our little circus has taken a lot of hits this year and we are feeling a little beaten down. But I plan to get back on the tight rope, and I plan to encourage our little lion tamer and acrobat to keep going strong. There is beauty in the crazy and lessons to be learned in hardship. There is a strength that comes through when you have no other choice but to push forward. So yes, 2015 is not our year yet. But yet is the key word and I am going to continue to practice the balancing act of life. 


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