Button 4 month update

This is more than likely your last month in our house. We are in the prossess of moving so you are about to have your first new adventure. 
Weight: 11lbs 15oz
Hair/Eyes: Your hair is growing in a darker richer red and your eyes are holding strong with the beautiful blue
Sleep: You are boycotting sleep at the moment. We are lucky if you nap an hour during the day but you do sleep from 8pm to 3am each night! 
Food: You are still on formula and breast milk. 
Favorites: Your big sisters are a favorite lately. You love to stare at them and get mad when they stop paying attention to you. You also love your rattle and bunny. And you love to go for walks and sit up. You are deffiantly a mover and shaker. You prefer to see the world rather than lay still.
Dislikes: You HATE tummy time and laying still for very long.
Milestones: They hasnt been any big mile stones this month, but you are on the verge of so many. You can almost roll over and get so frustrated when your arm is in the way. You are also reaching and grabbing for things more often. And you are determinded to get your feet. So I think month five is going to be a big month!


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