Mother's Day 10 on10

My Mother's Day was simply amazing! It was truly hard to pick ten pictures of the day because it was perfectly wonderful. I was surprised with breakfast in bed and the prettiest growth chart the girls & Hubbins made. Then we went to the park for a picnic and to feed the goslings. It was wonderful watching the girls play and laugh. The best part of Mother's Day is watching my babies be happy and healthy. Then after a nap, we meant up with my inlaws for dinner. 
You know you are a girl mom, when you get in the shower and relize the Barbies are having too much fun. 
These little goslings followed us through the park. 
I love homemade gifts! (A bandaid for when I save her and kiss her boo-boos! Priceless)

As I was writing this, I looked over to see this view. How perfectly perfect to end my day! 


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