Button five month update

Height: 25ins
Weight: 13lbs 13oz
Hair/Eyes: I am pretty positive that you are going to be a gray/blue eye redheaded girl
Sleep:You still hate sleeping during the day but go to bed at 8pm like clock work and wake up between 4-6am. I love that you prefer to nap in my arms though. 
Food: You are strictly on formula now, but you so desperately want real food. 
Favorites: You love to watch and hang out with your big sisters. You also love you diamond ring rattle and lamb that Daddy got you when you were born. 
Dislikes: You still hate tummy time but otherwise you are such a sweet happy baby.
Milestones: You are rolling over and wiggling around on the floor to get where you want to go. You are also almost sitting up on your own. And you finally are blessing us with laughter!


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