God is Great

I have had a serious issue with writer's block the last couple of weeks. Truthfully, I feel like there have been so many trials and changes this year, that I am overwhelmed. We are only half way through 2015 and I am already counting down to December 31st. So, I am going to use this post as a therapeutic journal entry thing!

Dear Diary,
I feel like as soon as I have a moment to breath, we are tumbling head first down the next mountain. I don't think I have actually processed anything that has happened this year and I am more than a little sure I am packing all the emotions into a little box labeled "deal with later." I know this isn't healthy and that "later" is going to sneak up on me before too much longer. I know that I have to deal and process. But I also have to keep grasping for a hanging branch as we tumble.

I truly have no clue how I am still functioning, standing, surviving.....Well actually I do, it's my faith in God and His plan for us. I have faith that things are happening for a reason and that he will carry us through this latest trial. It's not easy and I misstep pretty frequently in my faith. But I am praying and reminding myself each moment that He has this. He will provide a home for our little family. We  WILL get through this by His grace.

I am new to religion to my relationship with God. I am still finding my place, my balance, my path...... I am still learning and growing. But I do know that I can't do any of this on my own. I can't get through June without my faith in God. We are moving and have to be out by June 30th, however we have no new home yet. No place to move too or guarantee of a home waiting for us. All I really have is the ability to pack down the house, clean and pray. I look daily for the right house, I pray hourly that God will bless us (He has by giving Hubbins an amazing job at the perfect moment), and trusting in this path.

I don't talk about God, religion or my relationship with God often on this blog. I'm not sure why that is, but I don't. I should and plan to more so. I am proud to be a Christian. I am blessed and oh so very lucky to have God's grace, His forgiveness. He got us through the numerous medical issues with Button, He got us through saying goodbye to my grandma, He helped us in so many amazing ways this year. When I stop and think about those blessing, the numerous times He has saved us in such a short time, I am in awe.

I didn't plan for my post to go this way. Truthfully, I didn't have a solid plan but thought I would talk about my woes. I figured there would be some whining and ranting. But after writing this, after putting it out there, I feel so much more at peace. God has this! He is so great and I have complete faith in Him!


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