Ladybug girl Graduates Kindergarten

Friday morning as I laid in bed feeding Button breakfast, I listened for Ladybug's pitter-patter. She's been sneaking into our bed early in the morning for some snuggles and mommy chat. To my pleasant surprise what I heard was her joyful voice singing. "Its graduation day, its graduation day, YAY!" filled our little home and my heart. She snuggled into bed and we talked about the future. What did she want to be when she grows up? Where will she go on adventures? Who will she be? All these questions were discussed in a dream like haze. Finally, I sent her to get dressed and have breakfast so that I could get ready before doing her hair. We meant up again shortly after in the bathroom, where I helped her get ready and made her promise that in 12 years we would repeat these steps. I couldn't help but think back to the day we brought her home from the hospital and ahead to the day she will graduate high school. 
I have watched her grow more confident, find herself and become this sweet golden hearted big girl. Ladybug has truly grown from the shy little girl into a fearless wonder. She is going to full fill all her dreams and be a leader.  Ladybug is our first born, the girl who made me a mommy, and I can't believe we are already here. She is officially a 1st grade, an elementary student. In just another moment she will be graduating and off the conquer the world. I am so very proud of her and can't wait to see what the future holds. But I am ok, soaking in these moment and imprinting them to my memory. 
Name:Aidan Elysia Dawn
Favorite game: Dog pound (apparently this is a form of tag they played in gym)
Favorite color: pink
Favorite book: "Mopmmy, do you love me?"
Favorite food:Pizza
Favorite thing about me: I can climb trees
Favorite subject in school: recess
Best friend: IsabellaAddison and Savanna
When I grow up....: an animal rescuer
Something I learned: to read!!!!!!!!! 
Class of 2027.....I feel old now!
Ladybug's kindergarten class!
After getting her diploma! She is so proud!
Cousins graduating together! In 12 more years this will be fun to recreate!
Rocking it all the way to first grade with my girl!
First and last days of Kindergarten.....It's insane how much changes in a year!


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