Our daughters' first love and hero

Father's Day is this Sunday and sadly with the move we won't be able to do much in celebrating. But I do want to write a post to celebrate this amazing man! He is the ying to my yang, the perfect partner, the calm in the storm and so much more. It takes an insanely strong man to raise girls, and he handles are three with so much patience, love and so much more. 
There are millions of moments where I am surprised by just how perfect he is at loving and helping raise the girls. And each of those moments paint such a vivid picture of a dad who truly is his daughters hero and an amazing role model. 
He had taught our girls that they are beautiful inside and out. That they can be princesses and warriors. And that they can do anything they want, no matter what! 
There are so many reasons why I love him and how I couldn't imagine raising our girls with anyone else. I know that he will always be there and will teach the girls how important it is to find someone who loves them for who they are. But more importantly that God made them perfect and they can conquer all there dreams!!!
Happy Father's Day, Hubbins! I love you so very much and appreciate you more every day!!!!!


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