Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Saturday, July 25, 2015

1/2 a year.....happy unbirthday, Button!

I can't believe it's already been half a year for our girl. So much has happened and Button has gone through so much. But our girl is strong, feisty and fearless. She's such an amazing little girl and the perfect fit to our family. 
Height: 26ins
Weight: 15lbs
Hair/Eyes: your hair is getting a little darker red but your eyes are still a vibrant gray-blue
Sleep:Finally we have discovered sleep! You sleep from 9pm to about 5am. Though you rarely nap. 
Food: We finally let you try food on your unbirthday! You were beyond ready and love eating like your big sisters. So far you love bananas but avocados aren't your favorite. 
Favorites: I love that you are a mummy's girl! But your sisters and Daddy are definitely favorites too. You also love your rings and lamb. And your walker is a new favorite. 
Dislikes: You still don't like tummy time much and avocados aren't very yummy either. Otherwise, you are so very content. 
Milestones: You are sitting up on your own! You are also so full of giggles this month. I love seeing your personality really shine through. 

She got a walker and loves it so much. She now zips around the house and laughs. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big Girl Bubbles

This morning ended up being rainy and chilly, so all our fun plans got cancelled. However I had two big girls, who needed some fun outside time. So despite the very deary fall weather we had a bubble-tastic blast outside. I feel like its been awhile since I got to focus on the big girls and this morning was perfection. Since Button was in the carrier, I could really get involved in the fun.

Apparently the goal of today's bubble blowing was to catch the bubbles and see what they could make them do. It was so cool watching them experimenting. Bug managed to lay them unpoppped on a couple different surfaces and Jozy made multiple bubbles. As the girls get older, one of my very favorite things is to sit back and let them learn. Their cleverness, ingenuity and curiosity amazes me each day. You could see the joy on the girls faces and it filled my mama heart to overflowing. I am really loving the extra time this last month to get to connect with all of our girls. Anyway, I loved how the pictures turned out and wanted to share.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July

We had such a fun, relaxing Independence day....At least until the crazy wind storm after fireworks. We spent the day with my dad, stepmom, a couple siblings and cousins. It was so much fun catching up with everyone and watching the girls bond with their cousins. 
We went to a small town parade and truthfully I can't tell you anything about the parade. It was way more fun watching the kids excitement over everything. I think small town celebrations are my very favorite kind. 

Kristianna LOVED this hat and wore it for a while. So cute!

The girls with Cousin Annabelle

Grandma and Grandpa with the girls at the parade

Ready to get some candy

Grandpa gave Button, her first taste of real food. She loved sharing his Popsicle and pouted whenever he took it back.

After the parade we all went back to my dad's and hung out for the day. The older girls LOVED playing in the pool and spent most of the day in it or flooding the house.

Baby cousin bonding time

Grandparents with some of the cousins

Our happy little family

We did get to do some fireworks and the girls loved playing with sparklers and helping light fireworks off. All in all it was a wonderful 4th!