Big Girl Bubbles

This morning ended up being rainy and chilly, so all our fun plans got cancelled. However I had two big girls, who needed some fun outside time. So despite the very deary fall weather we had a bubble-tastic blast outside. I feel like its been awhile since I got to focus on the big girls and this morning was perfection. Since Button was in the carrier, I could really get involved in the fun.

Apparently the goal of today's bubble blowing was to catch the bubbles and see what they could make them do. It was so cool watching them experimenting. Bug managed to lay them unpoppped on a couple different surfaces and Jozy made multiple bubbles. As the girls get older, one of my very favorite things is to sit back and let them learn. Their cleverness, ingenuity and curiosity amazes me each day. You could see the joy on the girls faces and it filled my mama heart to overflowing. I am really loving the extra time this last month to get to connect with all of our girls. Anyway, I loved how the pictures turned out and wanted to share.


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