Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Monday, August 31, 2015

Super Jozy takes on Preschool

I can not believe she is a preschooler already!!!!! My house is now way to quiet and I miss her laughter so much! But I am so proud of our girl and can't help but be excited for her! She has been talking about school for a year now and woke up with the biggest smile today! Our baby is growing up and I couldn't be prouder! She is going to rock preschool and make best friends! 

And seriously, look at her first day of school outfit!!!!!! How do you not love the superhero outfit!!!!!!!!

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite game: Sorry
Favorite book: Sofia the first
Favorite food: Cereal (mostly lucky charms)
When I grow up: I want to rescue unicorns and fly them!
Favorite thing about me: I like to Dance
My best friend(s): Aaron and Aidan
I want to learn this year: To be a big girl!

I love that she wanted pictures with her sisters too!

The annual backpack picture!

Ladybug insisted on being the one to help Jozy get on the bus today! They held hands and Bug told her to that today was going to be amazing and that she was so brave! Then ran back on the bus to give little sister one more hug and kiss!!!!!

Riding the bus all by herself for the first time on her first day of school! I am so proud of our little Giraffe and can't wait to hear about her first day of school.

Ladybug takes on First Grade!

Our girl was so excited to start first grade and see her friends again! She loves her new teacher, Mrs. Proud, and that a lot of kids from kindergarten are joining her in first grade. I am so proud of our girl and can't wait to see what the year brings!
Favorite color: pink
Favorite game: monopoly
Favorite book: Princess and the Pig
Favorite Food: Daddy noodles
When I grow up: I want to be an animal rescuer
Favorite thing about me: I love to color
Best Friend: Isabella
I want to learn this year: How to be a scientist!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend adventures

Since it was the last weekend before school starts this week, we decided to embrace family time. It was a much needed weekend of focusing on just the five of us and getting some outside adventures in. The girls had a blast and really enjoyed the extra attention. We didn't go anywhere wild or crazy. We actually just hit up some of our hometown's best places to play. It was cool to re-explore and hangout. 

Saturday we took the girls to Giant Springs to feed fish. The fish and wildlife also had some pelts or tracks on display to show the kids what kinds of animals are in the area. The girls absolutely LOVE animals and this was right up their alley. We spent a good portion of our time there looking for tracks to identify. 

The girls and Hubbins feeding the fish that live in the spring there.

You can either follow the paved trail that goes along the river or there are a few more adventurous. The girls and Hubbins went exploring, while I hung out with Button in her stroller.

Since everyone was in a good mood, I made them pose for some pictures with Hubbins. I love how they turned out.

I love that the big girls reach for each other when ever we go for walks. I hope their friendship is always as amazingly beautiful.

Sunday we decided to feed the ducks and hangout at the park. We went in the later afternoon so it was fairly empty. The girls loved having the space to play and roam. Baby Button loved all the time lounging on the grass. She even took a few little assisted steps. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

I can't wait to get the pictures Hubbins took from him. But I love this one of them. She was desperate to get the girls crackers.

She does not care for the taste of grass.

These two swans love the girls and were duped sister swans!

One of the girls favorite places is this flower garden. I love the little reading log tucked in behind the flowers and under the tree. Its such a peaceful place.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Baby Button 7months

It's so strange that you are 7 months already and I can't believe how quickly time flew by. You are getting so big and your personality is really coming in! Happy 7 months baby girl! 
Height: 26ins
Weight: 15lbs 12oz
Hair/Eyes: you still have light red hair and blue eyes
Sleep: you are sleeping through the night but only nap for about 15-20mins during the day. 
Food: You love food! Watermelon and bananas are your favorite. You hate anything green! 
Favorites: You are still a mommy's girl! You also LOVE your walker and being stood up. You also absolutely adore your big sisters and daddy. You give your best giggles when daddy tickles your belly or plays flying with you. You have also become best buds with Chaser. 
Dislikes: Aside from all green food, you love everything! 
Milestones: You are sitting up better and cooing awhole lot more. You are also a pro at your walker. You have no interest in crawling since rolling gets you everywhere, but you have started pulling yourself up. You are also starting to take baby steps when we hold your hands.