Baby Button 7months

It's so strange that you are 7 months already and I can't believe how quickly time flew by. You are getting so big and your personality is really coming in! Happy 7 months baby girl! 
Height: 26ins
Weight: 15lbs 12oz
Hair/Eyes: you still have light red hair and blue eyes
Sleep: you are sleeping through the night but only nap for about 15-20mins during the day. 
Food: You love food! Watermelon and bananas are your favorite. You hate anything green! 
Favorites: You are still a mommy's girl! You also LOVE your walker and being stood up. You also absolutely adore your big sisters and daddy. You give your best giggles when daddy tickles your belly or plays flying with you. You have also become best buds with Chaser. 
Dislikes: Aside from all green food, you love everything! 
Milestones: You are sitting up better and cooing awhole lot more. You are also a pro at your walker. You have no interest in crawling since rolling gets you everywhere, but you have started pulling yourself up. You are also starting to take baby steps when we hold your hands. 


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