Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Baby Button 8 month update

A Wow! How are you already 8 months? This seems so crazy and way too fast. This has been such a fun month for you. Your personality is starting to really show and you are starting to really play. Peek-a-boo (where's the baby?) is a favorite game. You are talking so much more and starting to express yourself in such cute ways. We know that you hate when mommy snuggles the big sisters, because you scowl and yell at them. You also love to blow raspberries to get attention. It has been so much fun to watch you really come into your own this last month!

Height: 27ins
Weight: 19lbs
Hair/Eyes: Your eyes are still a crazy grayish blue but your hair seems to be fluctuating between blond and light red
Sleep:You are a pro at sleeping through the night, but boycott nap time. 
Food: You love food and have graduated to regular food for most meals. Your favorites are eggs, any fruits and hamburger.
Favorites: Anything you are not allowed to have. You have reached the age where everything fun is a "no-no." Currently you are obsessed with the pumpkins we put out for fall and leaves. You also have a new ironman toy that you LOVE. And glasses. You are constantly after everyone's glasses.
Dislikes: Being told no, you actually threw your first fit this month. It was adorable. Other than that you are a chill happy baby. 
Milestones: You are penguin sliding through the house like a crazy fool, and yesterday 9/22/15, you began to crawl. You are also pulling yourself up and walking on your knees. I am pretty sure crawling will be short lived. You also have your first tooth!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Three types for Halloween costumes that still rock but don't rob the bank

I know it is still September, but Halloween for our family is a BIG deal. Plus I am not a huge store costume person, so we plan early. I thought I would share some of my thrifty ways to make awesome costumes with out spending a small fortune.

1) Reuse or Re purpose
One of my go to's for costumes of any kind is to use what I already have. You can come up with a lot of fun ideas this way. My all time favorite is when Jozy was a little angry bird.

 I actually stumbled across this idea on Pinterest. I wish I knew exactly who came up with it so I could give them credit, but it was a few years back. Anyway, we already owned the shirt, tutu, and tights. The hat we bought on clearance at target for $5 and put all together you get the cutest angry bird. She got the best compliments that year.
That same year, Ladybug wanted to be a witch. We searched through the house to find something that would work perfect. Again with her we only needed to buy a cute witch hat. 
One of the best things about this option is that all the items are reusable. The girls wore all the piece through out the rest of the year (except the witch hat which is now decoration.)

Another example are these super cute super hero costumes. We scored the shirts on super sale the Halloween before, and just added matching tutus. The girls LOVED these outfits and had so much fun with their new found powers. 

2) Shop sales, garage sales, and consignment.......
This shouldn't be new to most people. If you are on a budget or simply don't want to spend a fortune on a one day thing, then shop smart. Jozy's first Halloween the girls went as the Wicked witch and a flying monkey. 
 Jozy's costume on got at Old Navy on sale a week before Halloween and the wings were from the Dollar tree. Ladybug's witch outfit was actually bought at a consignment sale during the summer. It was big on her so we took it in a little, but the girls still use it as a dress up dress. So win win!

3) Make it yourself
Now a days there are tons and tons of tutorials on DIY costumes. So look around and find something you like. Its not hard to go from there to finding an easy tutorial. Last year the girls wanted to be a Fall fairy and an Alacorn horse. Finding these costumes was nearly impossible, so I decided to make them myself. 
 I made the tutus with tulle I had on hand already and then we added glow sticks to the tutus. The glow sticks made for an easy way to see the girls while trick or treating. Then we just added some fun details. I am not a crocheter so we bought Ladybug's unicorn hat but it could also be easily made.

I hope these tips are helpful and that you get some wonderful ideas. I can't wait to do tutorials on the girls costumes this year. I am already using these to put together three great costumes. And as a bonus Hubbins and I will be joining in on the fun too! I can't to share.

Friday, September 18, 2015

High five to the moms

I'm mostly a stay at home mom. I spend my day being mommy and loving our girls. It's the greatest blessing that God could give me. He provided my husband with an amazing job and us the ability to live more frugally. God has given me the most amazing gift any mom could want. I get to be there for all the moments, good or bad, big or small. I get to be there. 

When I tell people I am primarily a stay at home mom (work two nights a week away from the house), I get the same responses. "Oh, I could never do that. I would get bored." "So all you do is clean, cook and raise kids. Really?!" "Don't you want to have your own life?" And yes, there is the occasional "you are so lucky" or "I'm so jealous." But for the most part my choosen "job" isn't meant very positively. Why is that? 

Here's the truth, I didn't dream about marrying Prince Charming and having a house full of kids. I wanted to be a gypsy and travel the world. God had a different plan for me, a much better plan. Ladybug was a surprise, but the moment that positive sign appeared I was a mom. I knew in that moment my life was about to change. 

For the first five, well technically six, years of my mommy life I was a working mom. And it was still one of the most amazing things. Anything that gets to include the word "mom" is the coolest thing. And being a working mom is tough. Seriously, I give my props to all the working moms. But when we got pregnant with our third little girl, I knew I couldn't go back to work full time. I prayed about it for months. Hubbins and I worked to pay off bills, and figure out ways for me to stay home. We were blessed and I only work 16hrs a week outside of our home. My primary job is raising three amazing little girls. 

That being said its not easy. There are really hard times and we do struggle. We've learned to cut back and go without. We don't travel as much as we would like, but I get to volunteer in the big girls' classes every week. We don't do movies, bowling, etc.... all the time, but I am here after school everyday. I am able to spend the day snuggling Button when she needs it. I am a part of every mile stone and first. The girls have a parent home 98% of the time and it's worth all the withouts and work. 

There is no perfect way to parent. There is no 100% quarentied way to not screw up when raising kids. There are a million and one ways to do it wrong it seems, but not one absolutely right way. So why do we insist on shaming other moms? Why do we put down our fellow parents instead of lifting each other up? I don't get it. 

I've done both working and stay at home. I love baby wearing but couldn't live without my stroller too. I tried to breastfeed but formula was the better option for my kids. I don't look down on the homeschool mom or the one who has a nanny. I certainly think a single mom or one who's husband is gone for work a lot is nothing short of a hero. 

Being a mom is hard and we spend enough time doubting, judging and hurting ourselves. We don't need to help other moms with that. We need to tell them "good job" and "you rock." It doesn't matter how you parent or what your preference is. If you love your kids with your whole heart, then you won! If you are doing everything you can to raise safe, happy, healthy, kind well round humans, then high five! 

Stop the mommy shamming or mommy wars. They aren't doing anyone any favors!