Baby Button 8 month update

A Wow! How are you already 8 months? This seems so crazy and way too fast. This has been such a fun month for you. Your personality is starting to really show and you are starting to really play. Peek-a-boo (where's the baby?) is a favorite game. You are talking so much more and starting to express yourself in such cute ways. We know that you hate when mommy snuggles the big sisters, because you scowl and yell at them. You also love to blow raspberries to get attention. It has been so much fun to watch you really come into your own this last month!

Height: 27ins
Weight: 19lbs
Hair/Eyes: Your eyes are still a crazy grayish blue but your hair seems to be fluctuating between blond and light red
Sleep:You are a pro at sleeping through the night, but boycott nap time. 
Food: You love food and have graduated to regular food for most meals. Your favorites are eggs, any fruits and hamburger.
Favorites: Anything you are not allowed to have. You have reached the age where everything fun is a "no-no." Currently you are obsessed with the pumpkins we put out for fall and leaves. You also have a new ironman toy that you LOVE. And glasses. You are constantly after everyone's glasses.
Dislikes: Being told no, you actually threw your first fit this month. It was adorable. Other than that you are a chill happy baby. 
Milestones: You are penguin sliding through the house like a crazy fool, and yesterday 9/22/15, you began to crawl. You are also pulling yourself up and walking on your knees. I am pretty sure crawling will be short lived. You also have your first tooth!!!!!!


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