Button 9months update......3/4 of a year old!

Wow, baby girl! I can't believe you are already nine months and we are beginning to think about your 1st birthday. This was a huge month for you and it was filled with so many milestones. I love how your personality is starting to really come out and it has been a blast to play with you. You got to go down the slides at the park for the first time with Big Sister and love the swings. You are into baby dolls and well everything. You are so adventurous and constantly on the move. I have loved this last month and can't wait to see what the next one holds. I love you, Button

Height: 28.5ins 
Weight: 17lbs 9oz
Hair/Eyes: You are going strong with your crazy gray/blue eyes, but your hair can't seem to decided. I think you may end up as a strawberry blonde. My fingers are crossed that this winter your hair darkens up a little. 
Sleep: You are still anti naps and lately want to have a party around 1am. But otherwise you are a great little sleeper.
Food: You tolerate baby food these days and prefer to eat whatever Big Sisters are eating. You love cheerios, noodles, and egg yokes. 
Favorites: You love all the fall leaves, pumpkins and of course your lamb. A new favorite is your sister's animal doll. You give the biggest smile when you finally manage to snatch it up. 
Dislikes: Anything that confides you is down right awful. You are constantly want to be on the move and anything that stops that is not cool.  
Milestones: You are crawling now but only to get to a place where you can stand up. You prefer to walk along furniture and push your walker through the house. You also said your first word on 10/12/15. You looked at me and said "mama!" Yay, your first word was my favorite name! You are also saying "dada" constantly now and "num num.' You also now have three teeth.You are getting so big and so full of personality. 


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