Celebrating Ladybug turning 7

We spent this last weekend celebrating our Ladybug. I can't believe she is already 7 years old. It seems unreal and I am so glad we were able to spend the whole weekend celebrating 7 wonderful years. 
Friday was her class party and dinner at Hubbin's parents. I got to deliver her treats and spend sometime in class, which is always a total blast. She is always so proud to hand out her cupcakes, but having her class sing to her is by far the highlight. 
At her grandparents, we had pizza, presents and goofing off. 
Daddy has mad skills. LOL
Saturday morning started with breakfast in bed per the birthday girl's request. Of course, it was our traditional cupcake breakfast and she loved every moment of it. We also let her open presents in bed too. 
I love how she gets soooo excited over each present, but the purse from Jozy was the clear winner. Ladybug has been asking for a big girl purse and wallet for her mommy. I was so proud that Jozy remembered and was determined to get it for her. Our girls sure do love each other something fierce. 
After breakfast we got ready, and headed down to the children's museum for some play fun. 

The dress up area is by far the girls' favorite area to play in and I love watching their imaginations soar.

They also had this really cool airplane set up and tower. It was so much fun watching the girls chat with Daddy in the tower. They avoid a couple accidents.

After the children's museum, we meant up with their aunt and cousins at the pumpkin patch. Picking our carving pumpkin on Bug's birthday is a family tradition.

Ellie and Button are best friends.

After all the fun, we loaded up and headed to Power to celebrate with my side of the family. There were kiddos running every where, lots of laughter, games, presents and tons of love. Ladybug girl had the very best time and was spoiled rotten.

We ended her birthday weekend fun with lunch at Applebee's and letting her spend the birthday money. It was the perfect end to the most amazing weekend celebrating the most amazing seven year old.


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