Cornmaze fun

Last weekend we took the girls to the Applestem Cornmaze. It was so much fun and the perfect fall day. The girls actually did amazing in the corn maze and we got over half way before giving up. Button loved the corn tired but otherwise was unimpressed. Luckily, the big girls and Hubbins enjoyed everything. 
Button wanted nothing to do with group pics. 
Little farmer girl 
It took a minute for her to love this. But she did warm up. 
Daddy buried her. She laughed while he did so. 
I love that she looks like a witch riding s broom!!!!! 
This little goat kept trying to eat Bug's dress. 
Another attempt to get all three that failed. But I love the personality. 
Our little pumpkin
Baby pumpkin spider
She was very excited that she caught her sister. Jozy was not amused. 


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