Happy 7th birthday, Ladybug

Happy birthday, baby girl!
I can't believe we are about to celebrate 7 years of your life! It seems so unreal and exciting. You are such a bright shinning star and so very smart. Your love of God, family and all things living is stunning. I have said it before, but its still so very true, you baby girl have a heart of gold. You are also a leader, or will be one day. You just need to learn how to hone those skills a little more. 
This last year has been so much fun and watching you grow into your own little person has been the highlight. You know that you want to travel the world, go on adventures and save animals when you are older. Daddy and I plan to do everything possible for that to happen. You are so smart and I can see you having great big adventures while changing the world. This year we have gotten to see the start of the amazing woman you will one day become. I am so excited to see what the future holds for you. 
You are strong, brave and so very very grand. One of the great gifts God has ever blessed us with. Our life is so much brighter with you around. And of my goodness, you are the best big sister ever. You have endless patients with your little sisters, love to play with them and can be very nurturing. Your sisters are so lucky to have you to help guide them through life. 

Love, Momy
Age: 7
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite Food: Daddy noodles
Favorite animal: Jaguar
Best friend: Isabella
Favorite time of day: Getting out of school and seeing Mommy
Favorite memory: Shooting photos with Daddy
Biggest dream: To see the world and have adventures
When I grow up.....: Save animals


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