Spontaneous trip to visit family

Oh my goodness, yesterday was so much fun!!!! I found out late Friday that some old family friends were visiting my grandpa from England. I hadn't seen them since Ladybug was a "wee little thing," and with all that's happened was sad to possibly miss the visit. Hubbins encouraged me to go and I'm so glad that I did. 
The girls and I headed out early Saturday morning and drove down to my little brother's. We meant up with my two brothers and their families for a fun fall event. Then later we meant back at Grandpa's for dinner and laughter. It was so good to be around family, to laugh and just enjoy the company. Here are some pictures of our trip.....

Beverly and Button became friends instantly. It was so cute to watch them. 
This girl loves a good swing! 
Their first tire swing experience. 
Button is loving all the new fall experiences and believes hay is super yummy! 

Little bat babies! Getting to finally meet my baby nephew was the highlight of the trip! He's so stinkin cute! Button and him are about four months apart and got along wonderfully. 
Ladybug got a strike at pumpkin bowling. 
Making their own pizza! 
My little niece is such a hoot!!! I love her so much and my tummy hurts from laughing with her. 
She also decided Jozy was the bestest ever! She constantly wanted up, asked for kisses on owies and followed her around. Good thing Jozy is our little mama and loved every minute!!!! 
A failed attempt at getting all the cousins (minus one) in a picture! 
She was encouraging Button's crawling b
The bat twins!!!

We had such a wonderful time and the girls are already asking to go back. Thanks again Uncle Dude and Aunt Jess for being the very best! 


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