The best moments are long waited for.....

One of my very favorite fall things is the leaves, and lets be honest the best part of those is jumping in giant leaf piles. At our old house, we had leaves scattered everywhere but no room to really rake them. So when we saw this house with the big front yard and huge trees, I was in heaven. I have patiently (mostly) waited for fall and the ability to rake huge leaf piles and the joy that comes with. After a whirlwind trip to visit family this weekend and over 6 hours of drive time, Sunday was destined to be the day. And it was perfect!
Little Button was not a huge fan of the big leaf pile but loved having her own little one. This girl loves all things outdoor and absolutely loves all the leaves.

Everyone pitched in with raking leaves and the big girls even argued over who's turn it was. They were only a smedgin excited! LOL

The take off........ I love how they always start by holding hands!!!!

This picture so defines their personalities lately. Ladybug is all in all the time. She goes full speed with no fear. But little Jozy likes to set things up and follows with a little more caution.

Seriously, the pure childhood joy on their faces was worth the sore arms. They had the best time and loved every minute. When they tired of jumping, Ladybug and I attacked Daddy with leaves. A leaf war followed and giggles could be heard blocks away.

A few more pictures of all the fun........


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