Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Monday, November 23, 2015

Random snow day

Last Friday was our first real snow and with all the crazy happening around the world, it was the perfect excuse to keep the big girls home. We had the best time doing dress up, board games, and of course playing in the snow! It was exactly what we all needed after a long week and so much sadness. Here are some of my very favorite pictures.

Button loved her first snow experience and laughed so hard watching big sisters play. I love how adorable she is in her snow suit!

Button 10 month update

How is it possible that you are 10 months old?! I feel like this month shot past like a rocket. It has been so much fun watching you explore your world and see your personality really coming through. You are going to be a handful as you get older, but you are so stinkin cutely happy all the time. You are constantly smiling, especially when you are about to be naughty, it's hard not to let you get into all the trouble you want. 
Height: 29ins
Weight: 18lbs
Hair/Eyes: You are going strong with your crazy gray/blue eyes, but your hair can't seem to decided. I think you may end up as a strawberry blonde. My fingers are crossed that this winter your hair darkens up a little. 
Sleep: Your sleeping hasn't changed much. You still hate naps and get up randomly in the middle of the night. 
Food: You love food! Your favorites are scrambled eggs, noodles and hamburger. You also love any and all fruits
Favorites: Lately you have been obsessed with your sisters' toys (Note that is Bug's new dog in the above picture). You also love getting into everything that you can reach. 
Dislikes: Anything that confides you is down right awful. You are constantly want to be on the move and anything that stops that is not cool.  (this has not changed one bit and is really your only dislike)
Milestones: You are a little trouble maker with your mobility and you are getting braver everyday! You also have become a dragon and growl instead of talk. Its the cutest thing and I love it. You also know how to shake your head no. Oh, and Jozy taught you how to head butt, so anyone who picks you up is greeted with that instead of a kiss.
You also took your first sink bath this last weekend. You loved it and had the best time splashing around. I love the pictures of you playing in the tub, our little water bug!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dressing Baby: Fall addition

I thought it would be fun to give my tips and tricks for dressing Baby Button. Since she is our third little girl, it is a little easier to really get pieces that are versatile and still super adorable. I thought I would start with some of my favorite fall themed outfits and my favorite tips for dressing her for the changing weather and styles.

Tip #1. Mix and match styles
Don't be afraid to take a tutu or fancy dress and pair it with simple shoes or leggings. Also don't be afraid to take a simple outfit and add a splash of pizazz! With three girls, our house is filled with tutus, sparkles, and dresses. I have learned to let the girls wear those items whenever they want, and that sometimes its nice to tone them down with a simple piece.

Tip #2. Think outside the box
I love taking a sweater or shirt that is a few sizes too big and turning it into a cute dress. The cute gray sweater dress is actually a 2t sweater and I paired it with her boyfriend jeans to make an adorable little outfit. Its great for running errands or all the fun casual fall events. Also don't discount the boy section. I spent hours looking for the perfect plaid shirt until I stumbled across one in the boy section. I am also on the look out for a little cardigan sweater and jean button up shirt from the boy section. If you pair them with more girly pieces the result is crazy adorable. 

Tip #3. Don't be afraid to accessories or to add some layers
I am loving hats, bows, leggings, cute shoes, and a belt here and there. They add such a fun touch to outfits and now a days you can find super cute ones every where! I also love to add fun layers in the fall. The weather here changes often through out the day, so layers are my saving grace. When doing layers choice easy to get on and off options, breath able fabrics, and don't be afraid to mix things up.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A baby and her friends

I love Button's room and the wonderful light it has. I've been wanting to get some fun pictures of our little Koala girl and her studies. I was finally able to and love how they turned out. I thought I would share a few here in case you are looking for inspiration.