28 years! (Random sleepyhead post)

Yesterday I turned 28. That seems like such an adult age. I'm 2yrs shy of 30, at the end of my 20's and ready to conquer this next year. 
Last year was a doozy! It was a year of super Earth core downs and heaven reaching ups. I was blessed with our third little girl, giving me three of the most precious gifts. I spent the majority of it home being mommy and loving all the messy, gleeful, deliriously crazy, dizzy twirly spinning moments of that. I have gotten back into really writing, letting my soul seep into my words. And I spent the year discovering who I am in this stage of life. I learned that so much of the spitfire youthful me is morphing into burning ember adult. 
And so now it's early morning Monday, I'm tired but not sleepy, the snow is falling and I am contently pondering what is next. There are a million things I'd love to do and I'm spastic enough to know that list will shift a hundred more times before I'm content. So I think that I will pray, trust God's guidance in the coming year and maybe really start taking down dusty dreams from the shelf. Maybe I'll blow away the dust and put them back to work. Or maybe I'll be mommy for awhile longer, and create a merging of old and new dreams. 
Whatever comes next I am blessed to be surrounded by a loving family and wonderful friends. So here's to you 28, let this year be fantastic!!! 


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