A weekend for the record books

This weekend we celebrated in our epic family way. There were birthday surprises, early Christmas fun, adults embracing their inner kid, laughter, and oh so much love. This weekend the family celebrated! It was needed in a life depending way, this celebration. We needed to come together, to gather close and to do what we do best, love.
The last few weeks have been hard, heck 2015 has been hard, but a part of our family got devastating news. The kind where you can literally feel your heart crack and you don't know what to do. We all felt the shock, the sorrow and the pain. Its news that can, that WILL be fixed. I, we have to believe that's the case. We have to cling tightly to the hope and knowledge that the fight isn't over. So each day we do and each day we try our hardest to bring the love to the family that needs it the most. My dad has always said, "Our family does two things better than anyone else, love and fight." We don't always see eye to eye, and more often than not we often forget the importance of family. But when its needed, really needed, we join forces, clasp hands in a very whoville manner, and we fight for our loved ones. 
But I digress, that is a topic for a different post. A post that will be coming because I have so many emotions, words, thoughts, and more ramming to get out. So, yes I will get back to that on another day. However, today I want to talk about the joy of family, the healing powers of laughter and the strength that comes with love. I took a step back this weekend and I got to see my brothers come together to be there without pause for one another. I saw tiny miracles occur through out the weekend, and though we had rough moments, small fights, there was a special kind of magic taking place. 
I could see it when all the cousins played together and added an extra layer of protection to their life long friendships. It vibrated in humming waves as we all gathered over a silly game and laughter rang out. You could feel it in the quiet happy smiles that have been so rare lately. 
We had presents galore and the kids were of course spoiled, but Grandpa joined in and smiled the whole time. The kids said thank you with true sincerity, and my siblings gave more than gifts. They gave understanding and a simple nod of we got you. I will remember this weekend and have tucked it away in the box marked "open when you need a reminder." Because this weekend will be a reminder that even in the darkest, suckiest moments, family fights for you. That when you don't think you can get through you simply have to remember two things. 1. Things get better than always do, getting there is just the hard part. 2. Let your family love you and fight with you.  


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