Button 11month update

It's so strange that you are already 11months! This year has gone by insanely fast and we are now entering you last month as a baby. You are getting so smart and defiantly love getting into mischief. You have the best smile and personality. You also give the most amazing baby bear hugs when I pick you up. It's my favorite thing you've learned to do this month. You grab on tight and squeeze! Then you just hold on as tight as you can. It's wonderful. You are getting so big so fast, baby girl! 

Height: 29ins
Weight: 18lbs 6oz
Hair/Eyes: You still have the most beautiful gray blue eyes and your hair is more strawberry blonde than anything. 
Sleep: Your sleeping hasn't changed much. 
Food: You are a greater eater and love everything you can reach. We are weaning you off formula and you still haven't decided if you like milk yet. But otherwise you are awesome with trying new foods. 
Favorites: You are loving all things Christmas! The lights, the presents, the music... Jiggle bells are your very favorite though. You can sit and play with them for hours. 
Dislikes: There isn't much that you dislike. Mostly anything that's in your way or slows you down. You also don't like being alone, even if you just think you are. 
Milestones: You are standing on your own and love to dance. You also have started singing while playing the drums on anything you can reach. Music is defiantly a favorite for you and it's been so fun watching you make up your own. You are also speaking like crazy. You can now say "mama," "dada," "Yaya," "papa," "baba(bottle)," "au(aunt)," "du(done)," and a few others. It's so cool to see you talking and learning. You love to explore your world and figure out how things work. You also took a little step, but otherwise you just don't seem interested in walking on your own. 


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