My jumbled thoughts of Christmas 2015

This years Christmas was much needed. We all needed to feel a little more festive and defiantly a good dollop of merry. So we packed the week full of fun and are now in a post Christmas/pre New Years hangover. We are embracing the exploded house and snuggles. We are giving in to cookies for breakfast and staying up a little late. We all have a week off to enjoy family time and tackle the big tasks so for now, we are staying in the post holiday snuggle zone. 
This year's Christmas was extra magical since it was the first with our completed little family. And I loved seeing the holiday through the eyes of each of our girls. Aidan is really into Santa, giving and the whole spirit of the holiday. She is old enough to start understanding what is really happening and why it is so important, but still young enough to relish all the magic that this time of year holds. She stayed up late to see every single light on each Christmas gingerbread house we drove by. She carefully selected thoughtful gifts for each of her sisters and loved helping shop for everyone else. 
Jozy is just emerging into full on Santa magic zone. She embraced each adventure, magical moment, and gift with crazy amounts of enthusiasm. There was a ton of "OH I ALWAYS WANTED THIS!" being shouted with glee as she unwrapped every present. She drove into Christmas head first and didn't come up for air in true elf fashion. Then we have little Button. This was her first Christmas and she loved everything about it. She even grudgingly decided to love Santa for her first visit to see him. She would take all the ornaments she could reach off the tree, jiggle each bell for hours and lay under the twinkly lights in pure holiday bliss. Our girl was all Christmas all the time. She saw the wonder in everything and loved each second. I am a little sad to take the tree down and say goodbye to her love of it. 

Christmas eve day was spend in PJ's being lazy with the girls. We did a tree craft, watched movies and the girls got to open their ornaments. Ladybug was so patient and helped Button with hers. This is one of my favorite traditions and I loved picking out special ornaments for each little love this year. A bird for our animal lover, who spends hours watching the birds. A giraffe for our little giraffe. And a jiggle bell for our little joy.

That evening we headed out to my dad's for a lot of family fun. It was loud, hectic, crazy emotional, and perfect. There was love and magic everywhere you looked. There was forgiveness, acceptance, friendships growing stronger, love happening, laughter ringing out and just the perfect hohoho-ness.

I loved seeing my dad and brothers bonding. I loved hearing them laugh together and watching the pride my dad has for each of them. I loved screaming "Merry Christmas" to my oldest brother, who couldn't be there, in hopes that our holiday love would travel through the phone waves to him in CA. I imagine his smile at knowing he is still in all our thoughts and hearts.
I adored watching the cousins play together and except each other in the way only family can. I missed my other nieces and nephews dearly, but loved seeing these guys. I loved imagining where they will be in five years, 10 years and how cool their bond will be then. I truly hope our girls love each other as much as I love my sister. One of my favorite things is watching my sister's kids and our girls play together. To know that even when we don't see each other nearly enough, their friendships pick up flawlessly.
I loved the tradition on a hay ride to look at lights and knowing how much Papa and Button love each other. I loved hearing the carols at Great grandma and grandpa's. I loved seeing the smiles spread and the grateful hearts get filled back up.
I loved that this little nugget refused to sleep so Santa could visit. She fights sleep like a prize fighter in the ring.

Christmas was spent at home with my in laws and later my dad, step mom and brother. It was quieter, peaceful and had a nice sweet light to it.

The girls were spoiled but grateful. They were so excited and filled with joy. I loved each surprised delighted expression.

We ended our Christmas as a family wrapped up in love, laughter and exhausted. We played games, watched the girls love on each other and just embraced it all. I hope you all had as merry a Christmas!


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