North Pole 2015

Holidays are my jam! I love all the little touches, and special moments that lead to forever memories. I love to go out of my way to make our home festive and magical for the girls. With all the crazy in the world right now, I seem to be on magic overdrive this year. I want the girls to remember their childhoods in a warm, fuzzy lighting, glittery touches, magical rose colored glasses kind of way! I want them to look back and remember the moments, the experiences and the love that filled our home.
This year has been hard on so many levels and my heart is sore for many reasons, so the thought of a north pole breakfast seemed daunting to me. I truthfully didn't want to, and our child are not exactly their most behaved selves at the moment. But when we got back from Thanksgiving and the girls woke up Sunday to no breakfast; the questions started. "When would Santa send the elves?" "Did he forget?" "Have we been that bad?"
I explained that Santa was waiting to see if their normal helpful respectful selves would be coming back. Oh boy, did they ever! And the knowledge that our girls remembered the magic. That they needed to have a little magic right now, kicked my mama heart into gear. So this last Saturday a very exhausted elf woke super early to create a little much needed memory.
The elf went simple this year. She used decorations we already had and added just a couple little touches. The girls got new hot chocolate mugs, shirts, jiggle bells, and antlers. They feasted on snow balls, elf snowballs, magic edible snow and of course kisses from the north pole. Santa also sent a letter and their new favorite game, tik-tak-toe! It was a wonderful morning!
Those faces! That is why tired mommies and elves work extra hard to make life just a little more special.

Button loved the red jiggle bells. She still hunts them down and plays with them for HOURS! Seriously, the cheapest toys and best entertainment.
The game was the biggest hit for the older two girls.

After breakfast the big girls snuggled under the tree for some Christmas movies. Baby Button got to take a bath while watching the movies. The morning was a reminder that even when I am feeling completely drained and running on empty, a little magic goes a long way. Plus, the smiles and stories from the girls totally refilled my happy tank. Life is hard and some times a little magic is need desperately!


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