My word for 2016 is simplicity! 2015 was hard, heartbreaking and exhausting. The year took a huge toll on all of us and we aren't even through with the rough times. We survived though. We changed, we grew and we learned how strong we all are. 
Heading into 2016, I am ready for a simpler year. I am ready to slow down, take a step back and breath deep. We chose to stay home with the girls this year. We let them pick a fun activity, watched fireworks, played games and cuddled close. It was perfection. It was the perfect dose of calm to end a chaotic year. It was a great transition to a simpler life. 
I am ready to simplify my heart, mind and soul. I am ready to purge things and create breathing space. I am ready to slow down and really focus on what is important. Faith, family and love are my priorities. 
I am excited to see where 2016 leads us and weary of the unknown that it holds.  I am focusing on what I can control.  A big thing is really looking at my life, my goals, my dreams and all the inbetweens. I hope to find contentment in what we have now and getting rid of the things that don't bring joy to my life. 
That's really what it boils down to, a simple life filled with things and people that only bring me happiness! 


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