We survived 2015

I've sat down to write a post about this last year so many times over the last month, and I simply haven't been able to finish. I am still overwhelmed and processing the emotions that came with hurricane 2015. Now that we are two days away from a new year, I feel as though I can breath a sigh of relief. We survived, we may have scars to remind of us all the battles won and lost. 
We celebrated the birth of our beautiful Button; and went through the most heart wrenching experience watching our fresh little bundle fight for life in the NICU. She continued to surprise us with her feisty fighting spirit in and out of the hospital. She survived the NICU and has grown into a silly sweet and feisty almost one year old. Our little family survived the most difficult times. Though it's still hard for me to look back on those weeks or to really let myself deal with all the pain, sorrow and joy that comes with it, the experience strengthened Hubbins and me. It gave me strength to handle the following months. 
We welcomed two handsome nephews, who have stolen my heart. Even with all the scares and complications both my sisters came through healthy. Our nephews are such bright shinny stars in the grey cloud filled 2015. 
We also said goodbye to one of the most influential people in my life. Each day I think about my grandmother and wish for one more card game. I can hear her laughter when Button is her silly cheeky self. Or think of her advice when helping our big girls with a problem. I hear her jokes, stories, venting and awesome accent each day.
 Her passing was sandwiched between Button's hospital stays and even now I haven't fully mourned such an importance loss. I was so overwhelmed that for a time, I simply had to shut off those emotions. I had to except God's guidance, and the strength from family, friends and faith. 
We moved in a rush and by God's grace;  said "see you later" to great friends, had fights, made up and dealt with a huge marital pot hole. Most importantly, we survived. 
We survived despite the obstacles still laid out ahead. We are ready to fight along side family to right a tragic wrong. But that is a battle for 2016 and we will survive. I believe that. I have hope. 
God has seen us through one of our toughest years and provided so many blessings. The greatest being, our sweet little family unit. We will welcome the new year snuggled together, playing together and loving. We will welcome 2016 as a strong, blessed family with hope for 365 possibilities. 


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