Button 12 month update

Height: 30.5ins
Weight: 19lbs 6oz
Hair/Eyes: You officially have blue gray eyes and are strawberry blonde. 
Sleep: Since the binkie has stopped, naps have as well. But you are still a good night sleeper and will snuggle into mommy for cat naps. 
Food: You love food and are completely off baby food. You will only eat what everyone else has and prefer to eat mommy or daddy's food first. Your favorite food is oranges and your least is bananas. 
Favorites: The teepee is your favorite thing lately that and books. You love to hide in the teepee and read. You also love your lambie and glow bug. 
Dislikes: You have a strong dislike of bananas, being told "no" (you love pushing your limits and saying no to everyone though.), and I think that is it. 
Milestones: You started walking and standing up all by yourself. You are also talking like crazy and have 8 teeth. 


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