Parenting Path

This is a hard post to write, one I never imagined writing. It's not bright and cheery, or about all the awesome bright technicolor moments of being parents. Its about the times when you feel a little lost, helpless and not sure what the right move is.
I never thought that the emotions that are so very overwhelming to me would trickle down to our girls. I should have, I should have been prepared, or aware of what was happening. But the parenting path isn't always lit with neon signs. It is often dark, twisting and full of weeds. We are learning to navigate those turns, cut through the weeds and to use night goggles when needed.
 Life isn't fair, its rarely easy and more often than not you take the wrong fork in the road. Parenting is no different from that. Often times you end up lost and searching for the right tools to guide you back to flower filled meadows. The girls are struggling emotionally. We can see it and are doing our best to help them find the way to their path again. It's hard to watch your kids struggle, to know something is very wrong and that a kiss won't fix the owie.
So what do you do when all your tools seem to be wrong, when the flash light runs out of batteries, and your map has taken a swim? How do you handle the unknown, the scary moments that are so crucial to life? I don't know how to answer those questions for everyone. For me, I pray and seek advise from mom friends who have been there, I run to my own parents in desperation of how to fix it. When all those seem to fall short, you stop and listen. You hold your babies tight, and let them fall asleep snuggled safely in your arms. You stop whatever else is going on and you let your babies hold on tight. That's what we are doing. We are letting our big girls crawl into open arms where they feel secure and we are listening to them cry over small things that seem so very big right now. We are taking deep breaths, when they are a little more emotional and angry. 
The path of life is hard sometimes and these little girls are dealing with big people emotions. Its all to often easy to overlook that all the chaos that is surrounding us, is doing the same to them. The parenting path is all to often a field with spooky eyes, and scary shadows. But in the end all your children need are you and to crawl into the safety of your arms. So no matter how big they are, stop and listen to them; hold them tight until the scary world passes by. 


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