The Art of Parenting

That seems like such a pretentious title, but I do believe that it is an art. Like art, everyone has their own style, way of doing it and opinion on what is "good." It also takes skill and practice. Like artists, it is really easy to let negative opinions affect a parent's self worth. Its often times easy to forget that we are in fact the best artist when it comes to our kids.

I get it. On those days were the house is a stage 4 disaster, the kids have driven you crazy to the point you've given in to cereal for dinner, and you are on day 2 makeup with day 3 hair; its so easy to forget how amazing we are. How beautiful and magnificent our artwork really is. So let me take a moment to pat your back and remind you of all the wonderfulness that is you.

You are awesome and fierce. Think of all that you have accomplished or will before falling into bed tonight. More than likely you woke not only before the sun but also before your kids. You stumbled through the house straightening here and there, gathering laundry, replacing homework in backpacks. Before that first blissful coffee, you woke up kids, fed and changed the baby, made breakfast and ensure kids were actually getting ready for school. You shuttle kids to school, to daycare, to play date or the various activities. You probably warmed that coffee up at least once before finally getting to drink it, or ended up grabbing one before heading to work, errands, etc.... You changed who knows how many diapers, picked up what seems like hundreds of toys, did countless other chores. You spent the evening running from activity to activity, cooked dinner, brushed hair and teeth, checked homework, bathed kids and made sure everyone's needs were meant. Then after kids are in bed, the house is cleanish, and everyone is happy; you finally get to sit down for just a moment. Or you simply crawled into bed in desperate need of sleep, so you have energy to do it all again.

Wow, look at all of that. Truly you are a spectacular, and your talents are many. You created time to finish the never ending list. You painted beautiful memories full of glittery moments. You molded young children and you help to sculpt the adults they will one day be. You create a loving home and made it special. Your gallery is filled with magic, and filled with masterpieces. You are in fact the perfect artist for the job.

So on those bad days, and especially the ones that turn into bad weeks, remember that you deserve a pat on the back. You deserve the gold star. Don't count the items on the "to-do" but count the ones on the "I did." Trust me, your kids appreciate the masterpiece that you create for them. And it truly is a masterpiece.


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