A year later......

Today snuck up on me, even though I have been dreading it for weeks. Today is the day, I would looked back. Go through the pictures that still make me cry and really deal. But I woke up refreshed, and peaceful. It took me a few moments to realize that today was her one year NICU graduate anniversary.
I did look back; I read my journal, looked at the photos taken and prayed. I cried, and I realized it's ok. Those 3 weeks and five days will always be hard for me to look back on.
However for Button, they are an epic first chapter. She has been a fighter, survivor and do it on her time kind of girl from the first sentence. Her book will be filled with advenuters and fights. She will be strong and stubborn. Those are such amazing things.

The NICU will forever be a part of our lives, especially Button's. But now a year later, with a feisty trouble maker, I can look at the wonderful things that have come from it. 


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