Confessions vol. 3

I am linking up with confessional Thursday again and I'm super excited.
1) I am still recovering from Easter weekend. I love having big family get together's, but oh man are they exhausting. Exhausting in a good way mind you. 

2) I'm a little sad there are no holidays for two months. I feel like I've been on a holiday treadmill since October, but I'm not ready for the break. 

3) This year I am trying to only buy with a purpose but being addicted to Target one spot is not helping. Anyone else with this issue?!

4) I have finally finished the girls' room and nursery. I however, am totally over decorating the rest of the house. But I really want to host our small group next year, which means more decorating!

Ok, that is it for today. I hope everyone is having an amazing week. 


  1. ugh i have been trying to be on a spending "freeze" also recently, but Target, especially the one spot, is making it soooo hard!!

    1. They have had the best deals on a lot of our essentials too, so I get sucked in everytime. What is it about Target?

  2. I am sad we don't have any holidays to decorate for either. I always go to the dollar spot and get everything I can. Especially for the holidays.

    1. dollar spot for holidays is so good and so bad for my buying with purpose plan. I'm so glad to hear it's not just me.


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