International Women's Day

Last night the girls and I started to read "A Little Princess" for their bedtime story. I was beyond excited that they not only chose a chapter book to work on, but one of my favorites. And then I read the first chapter..... You remember it right? A little girl gets taken to live at a boarding school in a different country than her father so that she may learn to be a "proper" young lady.  The little girl doesn't want to go to school for herself, but wants to learn to cook, sew, clean and run a house; so that she may return to her father and care for him. Honestly I didn't think anything was wrong with that, but my oldest did. "Why do only the girls have to learn to cook?" "What if she doesn't want to be a proper lady?" "Why can't she be a scientist or something else?" 

It was easy to explain that back then things were different. Women didn't have as many rights or opportunities. The expectation was that a woman would be taught to run a house, get married and make babies. And I'm sure for some of them this was bliss, and I am sure that many women  now a days think that is an amazing thing. There is nothing wrong with that; but I am so grateful that our 7 year old has the chance to dream about science fairs, living in the jungle to save endangered animals, building robots, and so much more. I am grateful for all the choses she gets to have and how far women's rights have come. 

Today is International Women's Day! Its a day that was founded in the early 1900's when those opportunities were only a small dream for a distant future. Now we celebrate the hurdles jumped, the changes made, and we work to make equality in the work place a common practice. As a mom of three stubborn, ambitious and feisty little women; I want to know that when they leaved to etch out a path for themselves every door will be available for them. I work hard to teach them that they have all the keys they need. They are just as fast, strong, smart, creative, funny, and talented as men. Heck, sometimes they are more so. 

Society still has work to do, and its exciting to watch changes be made. Campaigns are focusing on girl power and embracing our abilities. The "like a girl" campaign was a huge game changer and there are so many more like it. 

But we also need to do our parts at home. I hate the "boy mom" or "girl mom" posts. So what your boy is constantly climbing or dirty? My girl does the same. I am proud to be raising girls but I don't hold them to the "thats a girl thing" mold. They can do it all and so can boys. Thats the important thing, we need to remember that we are equal. That any boy or girl can do it all. That rewards, jobs, raises, promotions, etc... to be give to the person most deserving. That gender shouldn't play a role in deciding the best person for the job. 

We live in a world filled with chances, hope and endless possibilities. I am excited to see the changes in the work place for women. And I am beyond grateful that my girls can reach for the moon! 


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