15 months

So, I figure for her second year of life, I'll update every three months about all my favorite things.
When she does something new, she looks up with this proud little smile and claps. 
She climbs EVERYTHING! I do mean everything. Her favorite spot is on top of the table. 
She tries so hard to do what big sisters do. 
She is an adrenaline junky already. She loves fast slides and swinging super high! 
She will hunt down her snacks and bring them to you, demanding some now!
She loves to dance and has learned the excitement of a good twirl!
She says "cheese" whenever a phone/camera comes out. 
She likes to pretend talk to Daddy on the phone. 
She loves the trampoline and swing! And has mastered the slide. 
She is super curious. 
She will jump to you for a hug!
She loves to make people laugh and does the silliest things.  
She still wants to be cuddled to sleep.
She loves her baby doll, and my childhood one is her favorite.
She is her own little person and knows exactly what she wants. She's also feisty and determined! 
I feel like I woke up one morning to a toddler. She is certainly more toddler than baby these days, but I am loving this new stage. Her spunk and personality are starting to shine through. Happy 15months, Lil Button!


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