Day in life

I love day in the life posts and always have such grand expectations of doing one. But in truth each of our days is a little different and a whole lot of crazy. So, I decided to cut myself some slack and do mostly pictures of what today looked like. Here are a few of my favorite moments.....
This girl has the cutest wake up routine. There is a lot of eye rubbing, stretching and soft smiles. 
She also has mad skills at waking up sisters! 
Don't let the sleepy look fool you. This girl is a morning person. 

I love walking Jozy to the bus each morning. Her hand always finds mine and I get the best stories. Today we counted the bus windows and talked about why there were so many. 
The middle part of the day was filled with housework, mom's church meeting, a nap and endless errands. So here is Button's favorite part of the day, picking big sisters up from school. 
I love that Hubbins gets off right after the girls get out of school. It's so nice to have the afternoons and evenings together n

Since the little ones went to bed early, Hubbins got to sneak in a game with our Bug. I think they both needed the time. 
Now kiddos are in bed and we are a about done with random things. The night usually ends with snuggles and Leverage. 

Sorry for the super informal blog and iPhone pics. I wanted this post up to look back on, but my mind is circling around a deeper topic. 


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