Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The adventures of Jozy and Giraffe

For Jozy's birthday a couple months ago,  we went on a fun adventure. Along the way we took pictures of her and lil sis giraffe. The goal is to make take some more through the summer and put together a book for her. But I really wanted to share the first set. So here are pictures from their first grand adventure. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Puddle Jumping Lessons

After a busy, fun and exhausting Saturday I watched Jozy and her cousin playing in the puddles. We were at a small town event with tons of adults watching. Some cheered the girls on, some judged, and some reminded me the importance of being little.
I could have scolded the girls. I could have told them no for the 100th time. I could have gotten mad and made us leave. But I'm so glad I didn't. 
It's so easy to forget what it was like to be little. How tempting a mud puddle can be or the endless joy that comes from simple pleasures.
As parents we get caught up in "raising" good adults. We get are constantly teaching them responsibilities, how to follow rules, how to treat others, and so on. But sometimes we forget to teach them to seize the moment, to embrace life. We forget how important finding adventure, magic and joy really is. 
Boot will dry, clothes can be washed, and these memories will last a lifetime. So I am making a rule for myself! Let the kids be kids every possible moment of everyday. And you know what next time, I think I'll splash around too! 

Today I am also linking up with Talk about it Tuesday and I'm so excited!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

My weekly confessions.

I confess that I am completely over doctors and hospitals. I have an ear infection and frankly refuse to go in. The girls have been sick with one thing or another all month. 

I confess that with all the sickness I feel like I need to bomb my house. Instead I am spending the day deep cleaning. Which is almost as frustrating as going to the doctor. 

I confess that since the girls have been home for a week, I am now a little afraid of summer break in three weeks. I love having all three girls home but they are EXHAUSTING! And trying to entertain the big girls while keeping Button from causing trouble is almost impossible. I need some good activities, if you have any suggestions?! 
I confess that my blog has really been lacking since I have a horrible case of writers block. It drives me crazy and I am really frustrated with not being able to put thoughts into coherent words!!!! 
I confess that we are the annoying house with a yard full of dandelions. But I actually love them even still and when they turn into "wish flowers" they are kind of magical. That and with three girls who love to pick mommy flowers or blow wishes, I have a hard time denying them this childhood magic. 
I confess that I miss Button's non-mobile days! I love her adventurous spirit. But she has more feisty sass than her big sisters combined and is fearless! She is constantly trying to give me a heart attack as she climbs up everything and gets into the most random places. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Wild and Free

I feel like there is so much to catch up on with life lately. I don't promise fancy blogs but I do want to have these moments documented. Last month we finally bought the big girls bikes and boy do they love them! They ask to ride everyday and have so much fun with the new freedom! Here are pictures from their first ride with Daddy!

While Daddy took the big girls for a ride, Button and I played at the park. She is getting so brave so fast; and the park is her favorite place to be.

Spring picture fun

I recently got myself a real camera and I am in love. Its not a dslr, but its an upgrade from a point and shoot! Bonus, I got it for a great deal. Since I got the camera, I thought it would be fun to get a couple cute pictures of the girls with the nice weather! 
 Our little Button at 15month! I can't believe how fast time has gone by and how much she has grown! This girl is all personality, spunk and wildness! She is her own girl and so very smart! Its exhausting chasing her around but so much fun too!

 Ladybug girl, our oldest little! She is really starting to grown into a little lady! She's so very smart, kind and ready for adventure. I love to listen to her plans for the future and what life in the juggle will be like! I really hope she sticks to her dreams, because she is meant for greatness! At 7yrs this girl is already so full of life and hope!

 Then our Jozy Giraffe, where do I even begin! At 5yrs old this girl is all magic. She is a unicorn superhero ready to take on any challenge. She is funny, silly and oh so very sweet! She is a wildflower and I love watching her bloom!

Dinosaur Attack!

 We took the girls to Jurassic Quest a few weeks ago and it was defiantly worth every penny! The girls had the most amazing time (until Ladybug fell out of a bounce house and had to go to the ER). If you get a chance to go I highly recommend it. Here is an insane amount of pictures to show just how great it was!
 The walk through dinosaur displays were so real and a few of them were a little too much! Jozy was not a fan of the t-rex ones and cried when she saw the poor hurt dinosaurs!

 There were also tons of fun activities for the girls to do. Ladybug loved seeing all the fossils and Jozy, of course, rocked out the crafts! The dinosaur rides were the clear winners though!

 I love this picture of our fearless Button. She loved checking out the dinosaurs and kept trying to escape through the fence.

Button's favorite activity was the fossil dig site. She would have spent the entire time there if we let her.

 We ended the evening (aside from the before mentioned accident), with baby dinosaurs! Let's be honest, this was the magic moment for the girls! I mean BABY DINOSAURS! You can't beat that!