Dinosaur Attack!

 We took the girls to Jurassic Quest a few weeks ago and it was defiantly worth every penny! The girls had the most amazing time (until Ladybug fell out of a bounce house and had to go to the ER). If you get a chance to go I highly recommend it. Here is an insane amount of pictures to show just how great it was!
 The walk through dinosaur displays were so real and a few of them were a little too much! Jozy was not a fan of the t-rex ones and cried when she saw the poor hurt dinosaurs!

 There were also tons of fun activities for the girls to do. Ladybug loved seeing all the fossils and Jozy, of course, rocked out the crafts! The dinosaur rides were the clear winners though!

 I love this picture of our fearless Button. She loved checking out the dinosaurs and kept trying to escape through the fence.

Button's favorite activity was the fossil dig site. She would have spent the entire time there if we let her.

 We ended the evening (aside from the before mentioned accident), with baby dinosaurs! Let's be honest, this was the magic moment for the girls! I mean BABY DINOSAURS! You can't beat that!


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