My weekly confessions.

I confess that I am completely over doctors and hospitals. I have an ear infection and frankly refuse to go in. The girls have been sick with one thing or another all month. 

I confess that with all the sickness I feel like I need to bomb my house. Instead I am spending the day deep cleaning. Which is almost as frustrating as going to the doctor. 

I confess that since the girls have been home for a week, I am now a little afraid of summer break in three weeks. I love having all three girls home but they are EXHAUSTING! And trying to entertain the big girls while keeping Button from causing trouble is almost impossible. I need some good activities, if you have any suggestions?! 
I confess that my blog has really been lacking since I have a horrible case of writers block. It drives me crazy and I am really frustrated with not being able to put thoughts into coherent words!!!! 
I confess that we are the annoying house with a yard full of dandelions. But I actually love them even still and when they turn into "wish flowers" they are kind of magical. That and with three girls who love to pick mommy flowers or blow wishes, I have a hard time denying them this childhood magic. 
I confess that I miss Button's non-mobile days! I love her adventurous spirit. But she has more feisty sass than her big sisters combined and is fearless! She is constantly trying to give me a heart attack as she climbs up everything and gets into the most random places. 


  1. Hang in there for sick kids. E knows the doctor all to well as well. Prayers.

  2. I had an ear infection and sinus infection last week and it took me down hard. I had to give in and get antibiotics so I didn't get my girls sick. Plus they got mysterious hives and now we have more doctor visits because of it. It never ends. My girls are becoming more mobile and I need suggestions on keeping them busy too. Thanks for linking up!


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