Spring picture fun

I recently got myself a real camera and I am in love. Its not a dslr, but its an upgrade from a point and shoot! Bonus, I got it for a great deal. Since I got the camera, I thought it would be fun to get a couple cute pictures of the girls with the nice weather! 
 Our little Button at 15month! I can't believe how fast time has gone by and how much she has grown! This girl is all personality, spunk and wildness! She is her own girl and so very smart! Its exhausting chasing her around but so much fun too!

 Ladybug girl, our oldest little! She is really starting to grown into a little lady! She's so very smart, kind and ready for adventure. I love to listen to her plans for the future and what life in the juggle will be like! I really hope she sticks to her dreams, because she is meant for greatness! At 7yrs this girl is already so full of life and hope!

 Then our Jozy Giraffe, where do I even begin! At 5yrs old this girl is all magic. She is a unicorn superhero ready to take on any challenge. She is funny, silly and oh so very sweet! She is a wildflower and I love watching her bloom!


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